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Juhi - Mumbai Independent Escorts

Greetings my love! We are almost ready! I am ready to offer you my Escorts Services in Mumbai, and it is going to be rather soon now! I know that I can take away your mind in a couple of minutes with my charming moves, so you can stay assured of having an exotic time in my tender arms. But I must let you know, that as much real girlfriend as I would sound like to you, I do have a certain amount of fee for my services.

This fee is rather steep, because I want to keep the rather greedy ones from me and let only those men myself who actually are in need of me. This most sought among all Female Escorts in Mumbai would take their breath away and would make then crave for more and more of me. Of course my dear, I would let you have everything you would ask of me, whenever you wish!
My services are indeed costly, but I can also cut the price down significantly for you. This would be my decision based upon how I feel about you, and you would never have a say in this. If you ask me to slash it, I would never even consider it!

Because clients of my Mumbai Escorts Services also belong to other nations, they can see me at check my picture pgae and find me for best partner in Mumbai. I also accept my payment in selected other nation’s currencies. This again is upon my discretion however compensation made in that currency must be at least equivalent to what my asking price is in India Rupees.Coer to the most sought after Independent Escorts in Mumbai today, and you would never have to look anywhere else!

Juhi - Our Best Charges like to hire me then make a call.

  1. INR 25,000 for 1 Hours
  2. INR 35,000 for 2 Hours
  3. INR 75,000 for whole night
  4. One Day Traveling for INR 1,50,000

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